Dental Marketing Systems: Tips To Attract More Customers

Modern marketing is much more than just advertising. It is more than merely getting new customers coming through your door. Here are some useful tips that can enhance dental marketing systems beyond the traditional marketing tactics:


  1. A) Focus On The Prospective Client.

All your marketing efforts should be directed to what marketers call your customer’s “hot buttons”. These are what potential patients really care about when selecting the right dentist to visit. Hot buttons may be considered as all those problems, annoyances, frustrations and confusions that prospects and patients generally have whenever they interact with members of the dental profession.


These would ideally include pain levels they experience during dental procedures, waiting times during appointments and the kinds of outcomes they get. Your marketing strategy should address these areas instead of only listing down the products and services your practice is offering. A good rule of thumb is to have “your” and “you” appearing at least twice the times “our” and “we’ appear on your marketing tools and pieces.


  1. B) Educate Your Prospective Customers


Give your prospective clients educational information of interest. Instead of simply listing your credentials and services, provide ideas and tips from which prospective clients could immediately benefit from. Marketing that is education-based makes sure that your marketing efforts are deemed to be of value rather than being just some additional irritating business advertising.

Tell and guide prospects on what they ought to check as they choose a dentist, observe dental care or use electric toothbrushes. All this would be in line with the objectives of the Australian Dental Association that encourages and promotes ethical practice among dental professionals.

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  1. C) Consistently Market To Prospects


Marketing experts point out that the average buyer may not make an actual buy until after the business has made the 7th contact. Hence, it’s vital that you frequently and consistently market to the same target group or audience. Marketing research has proven customer response rates tend to rise exponentially when a business consistently speaks to prospects over time.


  1. D) Build Useful Alliances


Because dental practice isn’t the sole business which is seeking additional clients, you should take advantage of opportunities to contact like-minded partners that may wish to co-market with you. Your practice could, for example, jointly share the common cost of a newsletter or direct mail piece with some other business that is similarly referral based and serving a similar group of clientele. You could then promote each other by giving special offers to the clients of your partner.

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  1. E) Test And Keep Track Of Results Carefully


Test every one of your marketing pieces to a small customer sample and carefully compare the test outcomes. Have in place a system that tracks your test outcomes so that you can know exactly which among your marketing pieces and strategies generates the highest possible response rates.


As you aim at your prospects and carry out your tests, bear in mind the guidelines, policies, and codes developed by the Dental Board of Australia so that your practice doesn’t get on the wrong side of the law.

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